Our Process


Once we’ve given you a ballpark price on refinishing your project and we know we’ll be within your budget, we typically make a trip to the job site to make a quote and take photos. We’ll discuss color, hardware, pullouts, time frame, etc.Separator

On our first day you can expect us to remove doors and drawers. We’ll begin to protect surrounding surfaces from the finish process by papering and taping floors, appliances, windows, and other areas.


Our second day we’ll continue to mask and when applicable we’ll erect construction tents. We’ll begin prep work on the cabinet structures.


Typically the third and fourth days are priming, coloring, and beginning the finish coats. Sometimes this runs into another day or two. At this point you should have use of your kitchen back, except for the doors and drawers.


During the second week the same refinisher who did your in house work will be working on your doors and drawers, using the same product and process used on site. By the end of the second week we’ll be back at your location installing doors, drawers, and hardware, and finishing up any loose ends.

We also provide upholstery, caning, and on site wood stripping/refinishing services of built in cabinets. Learn more by visiting FURNITURE PLUS
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